"Art" implies a personal, unanalyzable creative power. Direct that creative power toward self expression and you get

our annual art and fashion exhibition.

The Spring 2007 exhibition went beautifully, held at the exquisite Gallerie Isada.

Our designers met the challenge of integrating goth into tradtional stylings, giving form
to the theme:

AfRAkan GotHik
"Cultural indignation expressed through
a tradition of sacrifice, rage and entitlement."

Featured Artists:

Cheryl Durgans
Leroy Johnson
Jean Wilson
Willis Nomo

Featuring Designs by:

Simply Netfah
Second World Productions
Letau Designs

Artistic Stylists:

Amber and Nzinga
{of Royal Blue Naturalistic Hair Care}

See the pictorial

2009's art and fashion exhibition
will be themed:
Futura MwAfraka:T.D.E.

Again, we will offer you a talented group of artists and designers with styles and sensibilities that test the limits of art and fashion.

Attention all creative spirits:
We're looking for artsits who see the future of Afraka, designers who can create the habit of a futuristic Afraka, and models who can embody the Afrakan identity of tomorrow. If you fit the bill, contact us at info@pyakule.com, you just may find yourself center stage at one of Philly's hottest exhibitions of 2008.

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Proceeds benefit development of the
Ta Neter Community Campus

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