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Arts and Aesthetics Collective

Aesthetics Magazine:

Aesthetics 6250 A.U. is a collection of the most innovative and dynamic expressions of contemporary art and fashion. Outstanding artists, designers and innovators are featured, many of whom are members of the Arts and Aesthetics Collective.

Aesthetics Magazine 2010
Featuring: Lavette Ballard, Danielle Charles,
and The Dubber

Aesthetics Magazine 2009
Featuring: Simply Netfah, Tyeakia Designs,
Idris Designs, David Lawrence & Baja Ukweli

Aesthetics Magazine 2008
Featuring: Cliff Ward & Willis Nomo

Aesthetics Magazine - Premiere Issue
A limited edition collector's keepsake, Aesthetics magazine is the official tourbook of Apotheosis 6250 a.u. Relive this unique experience with highlights of the fashion, art and pageantry that is distinctly Apotheosis. Aesthetics is a must for anyone who appreciates cutting edge Afrakan style and fashion.

Submit your Work

Showcase your creative endeavors in the next Aesthetics 6250 A.U. Magazine

Aesthetics is seeking new and established artists, writers, designers and musicians to share their work and their stories in our next issue. We invite you to create the quintessential, inspire contemplation, pose solutions and explore meaning.

Submit your work to share with the world. There is no fee to submit or to be showcased. See submission guidelines below.

Submission Guidelines
  • Written work must be less than 1500 words, 12 pt arial font
  • Images must be in .jpg or .png format
  • Maximum submissions allowed for each issue:
    3 written works - 10 artistic works - 10 designs
  • Minimum submissions allowed for each issue:
    1 written work - 3 artistic works - 3 designs
  • Your work must be original and yours to publish, in accordance with copyright laws
  • Submission does not guarantee publication. We reserve the right to select or deny any submitted work.
  • Once submited, you authorize Pya Kule Design Group and/or the Arts & Aesthetics Collective to use your work for promotional purposes. You always retain the copyright and ownership of your work.

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