Baja Wakiri Ukweli

Artistic Statement

"Redefinition and spiritual unfoldment are the muses that invoke my artistry."

The staunchness of Ukweli’s work reveals an ancestral duty and obligation towards the upliftment of all oppressed peoples of the Afrakan diaspora.

Kwame Ture’ spoke: “The culture of all oppressed is the culture of resistance. Thus all artists coming from an oppressed people must represent resistance in their art form. Anything other than that is betrayal.”

In response to the call of the eguns/ancestors past, BaJa WaKiri Ukweli will continue to “strive to seek truth” and challenge the presence of potential threats of Eurocentric worldviews, colonization and social norms through an unapologetic temperament, a penchant for self-expression and incessant intellectual disobedience.

STILL /Seeking To Illuminate Legacies Lost is an Afrakan centered ideological composite of ancestral visages that explores the spirit with a haunting frequency that will awaken insurrection.



Baja Ukweli's list of clients includes but is not limited to the following:

Ky-Mani Marley
Sister Carol
Mobb Deep
Dj Pharris
Sam Scarfo
Mad Lion
Baba Roots USA
Organic Thinkers
Lubna Originals
Vox Music Group [various artist]
MCA Records [GP WU]
Warner Bros. Records
Virgin Records [Shyheim aka the Rugged Child]
RETV-Rap Entertainment Television
Simply Netfah Wholistic Boutique
Pya Kule
Brandon Miree [former Green Bay Packer]
Brandon Jackson [actor/comedian]
Health Love & Soul
The Energy Bar vegetarian café
EOPAL-East Orange Police Athletic League
Creative Habitats
Pearl of Africa
CorLes Consultants/Institute
Wall Street International


Sample Work:

Piece 1

Piece 2

Piece 3

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