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Arts and Aesthetics Collective

Join the Collective

Become a member of the Arts and Aesthetics Collective. Why? Because you're a lover of the arts, because you're a supporter of the arts, because you live the arts. We provide an infrastructure for both emerging and established artists through Apotheosis Art & Fashion Exhibition and Aesthetics 6250.A.U. Magazine. Artists gain exposure in multiple markets including Philadelphia, Charleston, Charlotte, New York, Oakland and of course online.

As a MEMBER you'll receive:

  • Previews of upcoming issues before they are made public.
    Advantage: getting to purchase that perfect piece of art before someone beats you to it.
  • Advanced notification of upcoming shows.
    Advantage: first dibbs on the vegan shrimp cocktail.
  • Complimentary tickets to exhibitions and shows.
    Advantage: free date-night.
  • Participation in contests and giveaways.
    Advantage: you may win some art or fashion.
  • Personal anecdotes from the artists and publishers delivered to your inbox.
    Advantage: inspiration.

Membership is $25 quarterly.
But feel free to dig deeper, we'll put it to good use.

General membership contributes to the production of shows and exhibitions, off sets publication costs and supports promotional efforts thus helping to ensure the continued success of our artists and the expression of their unique perspectives.

Above from top:
"Ogun" by Aaron Beatty
"Original Mother" by Rosetta L. Weaver
At left:
"Untitled" by Willis Nomo