Danielle Charles

Artistic Statement

Artist Statement Painting brings me joy! I love to observe…I’m always inspired by our simple yet commanding narrative gestures and strive to capture this essence in my artwork. Colorful oils and acrylics are my medium of choice, enabling me to further explore and document life’s stories on canvas. My paintings simply catalog a journey from one inspiring moment to the next. Each piece is imbued with a sense of honesty and uncomplicated expressions of beauty. Whether representational or completely abstract, my paintings, embody my love of life; reference my diverse afro-caribbean ancestry, and celebrate fully the simple dynamic between myself, and the world around me. As a working artist, it is my ultimate hope that my art encourages others to develop higher levels of appreciation for the still moments contained in the blurring activities of everyday life. I hope you enjoy every glimpse of time and each snap shot of distinctive energy -sincere, pleasant, reflective, and exposed -embodied in each painting.


As both a visual artist and designer, Danielle Charles has fused her two passions-painting and design. She recently founded ASE (ah-shay) Art Design – offering a unique approach where visual art meets interior design!

After graduating from Drexel University with a degree in interior design, and many years in the industry, Danielle has committed herself to pursuing her painting talent. Her focus is to provide visual art and exceptional service...passionately blending her love for painting and design.

Website: Ase-ArtDesign.com


Sample Work:

Piece 1

Piece 2

Piece 3

Piece 4

Piece 5

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