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Arts and Aesthetics Collective

Featured Designer 2014

Simitre: Abdur Rahman Suade

"From concept to completion, my pieces are my humble attempt at imparting a small glimpse of what I see from the highest expression of the God-self in me..."

Designers and Photographers 2013

Kelechi Amadi-Obi

"Being a photographer gives you access to people. I also love the magic of it, the story telling, the transformation and the opportunity to determine what people will see in the future so for me, its an honour for me to be doing what I am doing, to be a chronicler of history..."
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Designers 2012

Garde Del Avante by Naanafya

“We are not conformists but rather advocates for individuality...”

Featured Designers 2011

Sarafine by Sarah Stavrou

As these textiles become more extinct, their presence and value will appreciate, therefore, you’re buying a part of history...

Bluforks by Kim Lake

"Inspired by the imperfection of perfection... Nature, Magic and just the pure "I don't know" state of it all..."

Featured Designers 2010

Tyeakia Designs

The clothing collection is avant-garde made ready to wear using cotton, hemp, silk, linen and wool blends...

Featured Designers 2009

Meet the featured designer of 2009

Idris Designs

Idris Muhammad is a style visionary. His one of a kind bags defy mundanity and assure their owner plenty of attention. Be ready to answer the question, "Where did you get that bag?"

Featured Designers 2008

Meet the designer of Afrakan Masala, our Fashion Exhibition - Performed at the West Oak Lane Jazz and Arts Festival

Second World Productions

"Rhythmic art and syncopated fashion
expressed through improvised
cultural stylings..."

Featured Designers 2007

Meet the designers of Apotheosis 6250 Art and Fashion Exhibition
AfRaKan GoThiK

Simply Netfah

"We're inspired by the holistic woman who looks for the nature-made materials of cotton, linen & wool. She hints of Somali Rose and Mango Butter. Rose Quartz and Onyx wrap her fingers and wrists. She adorns herself
from head to toe and reflects the
beauty of her spirit to the world..."


Letau Designs

"Our signature drawstring and hooded scarves, using the finest wools, silks, cottons, and linens, accentuate any outfit from casual to evening."

Second World Productions

"Second World Productions designs culturally connected clothing geared toward the promotion of self-love and unity in the community. Our clientele is made of those who are proud of their heritage and want clothing that promotes freedom of mind and body..."

Featured Gallery

     Gallerie Isada
    The venue of art must be given
    consideration equal to the passion
    that inspired it.