Idris Designs

The Designer

Born in Brooklyn NY, I was immersed in cultural diversity and urban life. Inspiration from my mother (who is a fashion stylist of the stars), and my own drive to express my individuality through my art, led to my love of fashion and unique style. After graduating from FIT, and extensive training in military design I started my first clothing company True SoulJah in the 90's. Urban functional fashion took a twist and spawned my new line called Idris Designs. I'm greatly inspired by the 70's era when people were never afraid to express unique style. After working with fashion design for several years I realized that I could most fully express my craft through accessories.

The Concept

I specialize in funky unique custom bags in a variety of fabrics, including leather, denim, and vintage. Idris Designs is the Soul Brotha Experience.


Sample Work:

Garment 1

Garment 2

Garment 3

Garment 4

Garment 5

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