Gallerie Isada

The Arts and Aesthetics Collective's choice of Galleria Isada as the home of Apotheosis 6250 a.u., demonstrates our commitment to showcasing our artists in the best environment available. Galleria Isada, located in the Port Richmond (P.R.A.D.A.) section of Philadelphia, is the perfect venue for our multimedia approach to art showings. Easily accessible, plenty of parking, professional staff and a space very few galleries can match in terms of square footage, wall space, design, or aesthetic. Gallerie Isada... a truly exquisite venue.

PKDG's Arts and Aesthetics Collective - bringing you the most innovative expressions of contemporary art and fashion.


Gallery Images:

Lounge 1

Gallery View

Exhibition Space


Rear Lounge 1

Rear Lounge 2

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