Jean Wilson

Artistic Statement

As an artist I enjoy executing and exploring many mediums while blending and hints of traditional African culture to create simplistic works of art that are colorful as well as aesthetically delightful. I am constantly trying to awaken the free spirited, “child-like” artistic energy, approaches and experiences that lie dormant in me. If I were to catalog my work it would be Multi-medium Afro-folk Art.


Jean Wilson is a proficient multi-medium folk artist who has promoted her own work in the Philadelphia area. The artist’s “one of a kind” acrylic paintings, drawings, collages and craft ware has created a faithful following of art collectors who appreciate her simplistic and unique approach.

In addition to these talents, Jean has also delighted children citywide with her skillfully devised colorful approach when instructing. Her workshops and classes are exclusively researched and usually focus on multicultural awareness themes.

She worked 8 years for The University of Pennsylvania Anthropology Museum and was responsible for developing and instructing workshops for the Special Events Department. She has had the pleasure of teaching at Prints in Progress, Taller Puertorriqueno Inc., and Children’s Hospital while working part-time for the Philadelphia Board of Education. She was also hired by the Fairmount Park Commission, and served for 10 years as an art camp director during summer months.

Jean Wilson is the current artistic director of the non-profit organization, Inner Oasis, and is presently utilizing her skills and time to continue exploring her diverse talents.


Sample Work:






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