Lavett Ballard

Artistic Statement

“I started painting as an ‘I can do that moment’. But now I paint because of the joy of sharing something from deep within. The colors in my palette must always evoke joy, so I use a variety of unusual combinations to dazzle the eye so to speak. Recently I have started to use other elements such as plaster, beading, fabric, ribbon, and fabric paint to bring textural elements to my work. My favorite subject is women! I love the curves of our bodies, the way we dress, the way we can speak volumes with just a tilt of our heads, a glare of our eyes, or a smirk of our mouths. The way you don’t have to even see a full facial expression, with a flip of our wrist we can say come here baby, or back off! These are my Soul Visions. Images and memories sent to me. I could never classify my work as figurative, abstract or contemporary, it is truly evolving.”


Lavett ‘Preachers Wife’ Ballard showed her artistic talents from an early age. Through elementary and high school, she explored this gift with a passion. Winning many state and local art shows by the age of ten embolden Lavett even more. This passion was further sparked by her early exposure to art teachers who encouraged and praised her artistic talent.

        Lavett attended and received her formal training at the esteemed Newark, New Jersey High school for the Arts and the Parsons School of Design magnate Art programs. Her Artwork has been exhibited in Museums, galleries, and shows from New York to California. Collectors of her work have included prominent Politicians, Entertainers, Artists, Professionals, and those in various Ministries. On the local scene, her works were exhibited at public libraries, Art Centers, Private offices, and the African American Heritage Museum of South Jersey. Lavett’s calling card of colorful images and diverse spectrum of illustrations of people of African descent is a gift. By using fabric, plaster, and beading she brings unique textural elements to her work that make her paintings like no other. She truly believes God directs her artistic vision. Her work is ever evolving from deep and thought provoking to spiritual and sensual. Peers describe her work as "colorful pictures of life."  

          Lavett resides in Willingboro, New Jersey with her husband three of her greatest creations and inspirations her three boys.

Lavett's work may be viewed at, and at Astah's Art Gallery in Maplewood, NJ, and Taina’s Art Gallery in Montgomery AL.


Sample Work:


Voices of Praise


Just Fine

Old Time Blues

Street Rhythms

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