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Arts and Aesthetics Collective

Aesthetics Magazine:

axis afrakan. expression unlimited.

Aesthetics 6250 A.U. is a collection of the most innovative and dynamic expressions of contemporary art, fashion and prose. Outstanding artists, designers, writers and innovators are featured, many of whom are members of the Arts and Aesthetics Collective. Each issue is custom designed and free to view online.

We are committed to promoting the arts and to helping artisans thrive. We encourage the talent of our community to continue creating, that our collective intelligence and inspiration might be increased. This is why we offer our pages as a platform to sell the work you've labored over with so much love and dedication - absolutely free of charge. We do this because well crafted work should be appreciated. We do this to create a momentary pause where we can savor the meaning behind an abstract painting or muse over a well articulated verse.

If you know a talented artist, designer or writer encourage them to share their work. Or, if you are that creative genius, we invite you to participate in our next issue.

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Aesthetics 6250 A.U. - Exemplum Virtutis

Tim Mc Farlane, Jeff Musillo, Iman Jones, Oliver Sin
Mike Tagliaferro and Jewelry by Simitre


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Aesthetics 6250 A.U. - Veritas

Eric Partridge, Alien Architect, RoByn Thompson
and Noni Renee


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Aesthetics 6250 A.U. - Insigne Tribus

Al Johnson, Fawn Whelahan, Theresa "Indigene" Gaskin,
and James Black.


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Aesthetics 6250 A.U. - Spring 2011
5th Anniversary Issue

Featuring: Jamie Martinez, "Poncho" Brown,
Joseph C. Randall, Kim Lake, Rick Gamache (Urban Bushido), Yeji Jun,
Sarah Stavrou & Chenjerai Kumanyika


Available as eboook:
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This book is under revision. Come back soon to purchase print edition

Aesthetics 6250 A.U. - Iconoclast 2013

The first of our special tributary issues dedicated to individuals who exemplify the very best in their chosen field or creative expression.

For viewing by invitation only.

Aesthetics 6250 A.U. - Summer 2011 Special Edition

Special issue celebrating the creative genius of Gil Scott Heron and Twins Seven-Seven as well as the dedication of holistic health icon Dr. Frank Wyatt.


Aesthetics 6250 A.U. - Special Black Panther Edition

The art of comic book superhero Black Panther as seen through the eyes of professional artists and fans alike, plus 4 essays on America's first African/Black superhero.


Aesthetics Magazine 2010

Featuring: Lavette Ballard, Danielle Charles,
and The Dubber


Aesthetics Magazine 2009

Featuring: Simply Netfah, Tyeakia Designs,
Idris Designs, David Lawrence & Baja Ukweli


Aesthetics Magazine 2008

Featuring: Cliff Ward & Willis Nomo


Aesthetics Magazine - Premiere Issue

A limited edition collector's keepsake, Aesthetics magazine is the official tourbook of Apotheosis 6250 a.u. Relive this unique experience with highlights of the fashion, art and pageantry that is distinctly Apotheosis. Aesthetics is a must for anyone who appreciates cutting edge Afrakan style and fashion.


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