About Us

[Pya Kule Design Group

Pya Kule - Origin: Kiswahili.

Pronunciation: / Pi-yah Ku-lay.

Translation: New; not known or experienced before.]

Don’t let the pronunciation throw you. Take a couple of vegan, afracentric, environmentally conscious, health enthusiasts with a flair for dramatics... throw in some business acumen, a knack for organizing and a little creative license and you have the
Pya Kule Design Group.

Our seven departments explore everything from team building retreats, gourmet vegan cuisine and exercise regiments to uniquely styled fashion exhibitions, innovative art showcases and sophisticated website design. And it doesn’t stop there. With our lectures and workshops on Afrakalture we manage to keep ourselves quite busy.

Basically, we decided to put our life experiences to work for us. What better way to start a business than by doing the things you love everyday?

We love what we do… and we hope you do too.

Mangaliso Ture'
Chief Operations Manager

Sekayi Khita-Hetep
Administrative Manager

PKDG offers various services, programs and events. Reaching a diverse audience, we provide networking, advertising and sponsorship opportunities. To discuss these opportunities please contact us at Info@pyakule.com or call 267.808.1701.

~Mission Statement~

Motivating people to improve their quality of life and create a sense of community through Afrakalture. We strive to make an art of nurturing the community and enriching the cultural climate for the benefit of all.