Willis Nomo

Artistic Statement

Willis Nomo’s work speaks on the impact of generations. An African-American youth climbs a mountain made of Malcolm X, MLK, Fredrick Douglas and others in one of his pieces. “I want people to think about where we’re going as a people…and see it in a new way.” Resisting the opportunity to let the symbolism in much of his work go undefined, Nomo explains the serenely perched bird as a representation of freedom from constriction. “No more will you be confined by the restrictions placed on you by society, or by those you place on yourself,” declares the artist.


Born in Mississippi, but on the move ever since, this self-described military brat has lived in Texas, Atlanta, Philadelphia, and overseas. With the resulting broad view on life, Nomo creates prolifically -- typically in the wee hours of the morning or late at night when his kids are asleep. After studying graphic design at the Art Institute in Atlanta, Nomo has been on the rise. His work has been shown at the Bubble House Lounge and LaColombe here in Philly. From neo-tribal lights and t-shirts, to 3-dimensional reliefs, Nomo’s loyal followers enjoy seeing what type of work he’ll come up with next.


Sample Work:



Hear No Evil...



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