Afrakaltural Outreach


"His dedication to African people and our interests is matched by his keen and intellectually grounded assessment of our condition-- continental and diasporan. Ture is not just a thinker, rather he is a doer as well. He conceived and established the Alkebu-lan Nation which is an African worldview-based economic development corporation. What brother Ture is doing here is putting Africentric theory into practice."

Daudi Ajani ya Azibo, PhD
Florida A&M University

Mangaliso Ture "has worked in several locales of the Philadelphia school system. He has gained the respect, admiration and trust of his students and colleagues throughout the years and he has always maintained a high level of professionalism. He is very conscientious and decisive."

George D. DiPilato
Youth Study Center

"Excellent! I reccommend Ture highly. He has a wonderful personality and he will be a fine influence on others."

Marcia Epstein
Psychology Professor
Community College of Philadelphia

"He is an enthusiastic, responsible and intelligent individual who has dedicated his time to be a mentor to my child. Ture, with no hesitation, has been an inspiration to my son. He is an efficient, effective, reliable and valuable individual who enjoys working with the children."

Noemi Rivera-Marrow

"Your outstanding presentation escalated the level of inquiry of our students. Several students have expressed an interest in entering your profession. The information you shared certainly enhanced the children's quest for knowledge. Sharing your time and talent has had an extremely valuable impact upon our students and staff."

Janet C. Samuels
McCall School

"We thank you for agreeing to serve as chair at our conference, "From Analysis to Action: Youth Crime Prevention in Philadelphia." We are enthusiastic about having you as a vital member of the working groups for this important conference."

John C. Smith
Project Director
Moorehouse School of Medicine

"Please accept my sincere thanks for your participation in the Youth Violence Prevention Conference. your assistance added a special touch to the success of this 3-day meeting. My hope is that you will continue to work with Philadelphia Anti-Drug/Anti-Violence Network (PAAN) in developing and implementing solutions that will impact upon the quality of life for our youth and community."

James Mills
Executive Director
Philadelphia Anti-Drug/Anti-Violence Network

"At a time when children are stripped of creativity, his sense of imagination and adventure are infectious. During his many years of commununity service and activism, Ture has demonstrated sesnsitivity and insight into the problems both individual and communal of the people he has served."

Millicent King, D.O.
Family Medicine

"Through his Developmental Education Program, Ture was able to positively influence the lives of young Black men. What was most impressive was the change I saw in the young men as they began to learn about themselves as African American men. He is an excellent role model who embodies the principles he expounds."

Ajile F. Brown
Attorney at Law