Afrakaltural Outreach

Vita of Atef Mangaliso Ture Sanu Neter

“Innovative, dynamic, engaging;” These are some of the adjectives used to describe Mangaliso Ture, a visionary leader in contemporary Afrakan culture. An Afrakan of diasporac and continental heritage, Mangaliso Ture is the Atef of the Pya Kule Afrakaltural Reclamation Center and the Chief Operations Manager of the Pya Kule Design Group.

A graduate of Cheyney University with a B.A. in Psychology, Ture was on the National Deans List and Who's Who Among American Universities and Colleges. Fellowships and Research were conducted at Temple University and Bryn Mawr College.

Mangaliso Ture has received citations from the United States Agricultural Department and the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. Ture was a recipient of Alpha Kappa Mu National Honors and W.W. Smith Charitable Scholarship.

A former Teacher in the public school system, a Mental Health Provider and a Cultural Behaviorist, Ture has been actively involved in community education. His first organization Ur-Khebu-Lah Nation, Inc.provided Afrakan centered education and training programs in addition to rites of passage.

Ture's work has provided him with the opportunities to visit Namibia, Kenya, Germany, France, England, The Bahamas, Canada and much of the United States.

Ture's inspirations perpetually springs from his mother, maternal grandfather and cultural companion Sekayi Khita Hetep. Together they have built their first Afrakaltural Reclamation Campus.

Vita of Sekayi Khita Hetep Neter

Sekayi is a graduate of the University of the Arts. She holds a B.S. in Communication with a concentration on website design and digital journalism. These skills are put to great use in her dual roles as Administrative Manager of the Pya Kule Design Group and Head of its Graphic Arts Department. Sekayi brings a quiet dignity to her station in the Pya Kule Afrakaltural Reclamation Community.

Sekayi taught at Philadelphia’s Freedom School, where she developed a Afrakan centered curriculum to encourage cultural identification and discipline in her students. Preferring a more developmental style of education, Sekayi combined her interest in Afrakan social and philosophical systems with the expertise of her mentor and cultural companion, Mangaliso Ture to establish facilities that will train those interested in Afrakalture.