Afrakaltural Outreach

Youth Development Program

The Afrakaltural Outreach Youth Development Program is distinctive in providing activities that integrate education, teambuilding and conflict-resolution for youth striving for self-mastery through self-discipline. This unique course, with its focus on reconstructive identity and collective self-esteem, is particilarly adept in helping Afrakan youth.

Our excellent instructor/student ratio ensures that children receive personal attention and support. Our unique curriculum is designed to promote leadership, interdependance, cooperation, responsibility and discipline. We pride ourselves on providing the cultural framework necessary for the wholistic development of the child. Our primary staff is trained in Afrakan-centered education methods. Supplemental instructors offer expertise in various areas such as art and science.


children will read or have read to them various stories to improve comprehension and reading skills.

children will write essays on what was read and write interpretations on select proverbs and poems.

children will engage in arithmetic based on the Medu counting system and Swahili terminology.

children will learn how to read a map and learn the whereabouts of Afrakan countries, its people and customs.

Language Arts
children will learn basic Swahili phrases and terminology.


Circle Gathering
Children learn to listen patiently and respectfully to one another while discussing situations at school or at home and current events.

Teambuilding Exercise
Children learn to work cooperatively to complete tasks

Physical Training
Children engage in a regiment designed to increase flexibility, strength, endurance and coordination.

Nutrition and Health
Children are introduced to various concepts such as vegetarianism and veganism. They engage in comparative analysis of healthy versus unhealthy eating practices and lifestyles.

Heroes and Images
A unique exploration that takes participants on a journey thtough the imagination, helping them to profile themselves through role-playing and critical analysis of given scenarios.

Sefekh Ba Ra
A progressive approach to the development of the child which incorporates traditional concepts of morality and meaning, providing crucial foundational matrices. These matrices allow the child to comprehend his or her place within the whole of society, family and world and to act with purpose and self-mastery. Special postures, breathing techniques and symbolism are also introduced.

Synopsis of Sefekh Ba Ra

Week 1 – Interconnectedness – Kheper em Ab

Concepts: Understanding the concept of the interdependence of parts and how they work together for the benefit of the whole. Morality is explained in terms of this interdependency, i.e. right and wrong behaviors are measured by how they effect other parts. Moral codes are explained and their implications demonstrated.

Activities: Thank you Geb (earth) poems, relationship charts, pictures, teambuilding exercise, role-playing. Students begin working on their play which they will present at the end showing everything they’ve learned.

Week 2 – Identity – Ab em Shekhem

Concepts: Understanding who we are, making good choices based on how they affect others, developing good leadership skills. Superheroes and role models, discussing cultural heritage.

Activities: Constructing “All About Me” charts, creating our own superheroes, teambuilding exercises, role-playing, sema postures to make our characters strong. Work on play.

Week 3 – Self-control – Shekhem em Tekh

Concepts: Taking responsibility for our actions, understanding what emotions are and negative consequences of some emotions, controlling our minds with various exercises, understanding how to show self control vs. greed, anger and sadness.

Activities: Teambuilding exercises, media collage of emotional ideas, what activities can we do that make us feel happy? Students fill in chart and think as a group. “All about me” chart that shows us being peaceful and engaging in calming activities instead of being emotional (reading, taking a walk, etc). sema postures. Work on play.

Week 4 – Creativity – Tekh em Mer

Concepts: Using art and science as correct outlets for the emotions and use of the mind.

Activities: role-playing emotional situations and acting our correct responses, discussing super-villains and what emotional pursuits make them “bad” characters, using our mind to solve problems (teambuilding), using our mind to make art. Meeting artist, what does the art mean or say? Making jewelry. Work on play.

Week 5 – Mind (intuition) – Mer em Sefekhet

Concepts: reading books for wisdom, telling stories, learning as much as we can so we can make good decisions.

Activities: Discussing quotations & stories, making our own quotations and stories to teach others what we know. Meeting special guests who teach about their field. Imagining ourselves in different careers and places. Teambuilding exercises. Yoga postures to enhance concentration. Work on play.

Week 6 – Health, Nutrition and Self Mastery – Sefekhet em Ikh

Concepts: taking care of our bodies and eating healthy. Activities: Food competition (which foods are good for us and why), making “why do people get sick?” chart, class picnic, making a book of exercises and healthy advice for friends and family, self-discipline exercises to show proper behavior, final team challenges to solve based on what we’ve learned.

The curriculum is adjustable for age-appropriate application. Our curriculum can also be tailored to augment or supplement existing programs, thus the Summer Youth Program can be used year round in after school programs, or integrated into the classroom curriculum itself.