The Great Wall of Zimbabwe
built 1000 years ago

The Ankh:
African Origin of Electromagnetism
By Nur Ankh Amen

Blacks in Science

By Dr. Ivan Van Sertima

"Prodigy is at its essence adaptability and persistence...
positive obsession.
Without persistence what remains is an enthusiasm of the moment. Without adaptability, what remains must be channeled into destructive fanatisism. Without positive obsession there is nothing at all."

Earthseed:The Books of the Living
By Lauren Oya Olamina

Science and Technology Initiative

This department's mission is to raise community awareness of environmental concerns through its series of educational demonstrations. These seminars promote the environmental and social responsibility needed to develop self-sufficient communities and ensure a healthy future.

Sustainable Living

The principles of sustainable living are holistic. It asks us to consider efficient energy and resource use at every stage of development. Almost a century of easy energy has led to habits of use completely divorced from the inherent qualities of the land. Sustainability is the key to the future. It requires us to find ways to live in harmony with other species indefinitely within the limits of the earth's capacity to support us all.

Alternative Energy

Solar energy, wind energy, and hydro-electric power systems are the primary examples of alternative energy sources. They represent the essential elements for living more independent lives by making you less dependent on conventional utility systems. Renewable sources are clean and perpetual unlike petroleum and natural gas sources.

Hydroponic Gardening

Hydroponics is a term used to describe raising plants without soil. There are several excellent reasons for replacing soil. Soil-born pests and diseases are immediately eliminated as are weeds. The labor involved in tending your plants is drastically reduced. More importantly, raising plants in a non-soil medium will allow you to grow more plants in a limited amount of space. Food crops will mature more rapidly and produce greater yields.

Air & Water Purification

Like food, air and water can carry into your body the contaminates that saturate the natural world. We're all aware of pollution, but you may not realize how saturated your home is by these same contaminates.

Air & Water filtering systems can help to reduce many of these pollutants:

-tobacco smoke
-formaldehyde from
carpeting fabrics
-chemicals from paints
-dust mites
-pet hair
-hair sprays
-air fresheners
-cleaning agents

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