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Experience the Symposium

A typical weekend at our retreat will have you up at 7:00 a.m., climbing ropes at noon, and at the center of a ritual by moonlight. If you venture deeper, workshops will teach you how to combat self-hate, and if you stretch yourself even further you'll go back to school and learn everything they didn't teach you in D.E.P.P.


A three day getaway filled with mission-oriented challenges, contemporary rituals, and team-building exercises. The focus here is on problem solving within a group dynamic.

Supplemental Workshops

A follow-up to the retreat, these interactive, hands on workshops are designed to apply the concepts of Afrakalture to individual and group development.

Developmental Education and Psychology Program

D.E.P.P. is a college level course offering an in-depth, semester long profile of the psychology of Afrakan people from antiquity to modern times in order to answer the questions: “what happened?” and “what do we do now?” Areas of study will include religion and philosophy, war and captivity, the clash of genetics, and contemporary confusion.
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