Simply Netfah

The Designer

Netfah Amina-Afia has been designing and creating womens' wear since 1990. She is the soul-owner of Simply Netfah Wholistic Boutique and is also a certified H.H.C. who conducts private whole body health and healing workshops across the country. The unifying of these two passions has created a unique art form designed to heal & liberate women all over from the inside out.

The Concept

Simply Netfah Wholistic Boutique is a concept based on the idea of conscious dressing for the healing, nurturing, and beautifying of the sacred body temple. It's the wearing of selected colors to enhance or subdue our energies; and the adornment of specific stones and gems for guidance and protection. It's scented oils to sweeten our temples, and healing butters to soften our skin.

By tradition our dress had meaning and became a form of self-expression, allowing our outer to be a reflection of our inner. At Simply Netfah, we continue to fashion & liberate our spirits through the sacred art of beautifying.

AfRaKan GoThiK

Closing our show with her interpretation of "rebirth," Simply Netfah's designs represented perfectly poised Afrakan femininty. Again, Simply Netfah has designed a truly inspiring line for a new age of women.

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Sample Work:

Garment 1

Garment 2

Garment 3

Garment 4

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