"Each generation must, out of relative obscurity, discover its mission, fulfill it, or betray it."
Frantz Fanon

The Afrakaltural Symposium

Defining the Tools of Afrakalture

The Afrakan centered lifestyle can be challenging for both individuals and organizations attempting to engage in its practice.

Many well-intentioned individuals stumble across confusing ideological dictums that lead to frustration and abandonment. Their guidelines for racial interactions, religious practices, family gatherings, earning a living and community development are often conflicting and untenable. When faced with these and other difficulties many individuals find themselves overwhelmed.

Immature leadership devoid of initiative and imagination yields demagogues who seek worship, praise and sexual exploitation. Groups under such leadership find themselves incapable of maintaining cohesion or purpose.

This holds true for quite a few organizations. Their structures are often based on premature directives and reactionary policies. These organizations fail to develop comprehensive methodologies, appropriate curriculum and fall short of properly training their staff.

Their membership is often naÔve and vulnerable, motivated only for the short term. The modeling needed to galvanize its members is often absent or inconsistent. These organizations breed deconstructive socialization practices and the rhetoric that proliferate many cultural misconceptions.

So what are these individuals and organizations to do?

The Afrakaltural Symposium is a distinctive training experience which provides developmental guidance for entrenched cultural living. Our aggressive assault on Anti-Afrakanism helps to reduce confusion by operationally defining the terms that mandate cultural imperatives.

Traditional Afrakan ideologies are conceptually explored and proofed for contemporary life applications. This more refined frame of reference provides the much needed strategies and skills for successful implementation.

Itís specialty lies in the design of a curriculum which promotes behavioral techniques that culturally yoke and integrate intellectual pursuits, physical training, spiritual disciplines, vocation and entertainment into an Afrakan centered lifestyle that better services individuals, families, communities and organizations.

Key Terms Used...

Afrakan Centered:
Conceptualizing reality and its vicissitudes in reference to the history and culture of Afrakans.

Traditional Afrakan principles integrated with contemporary needs to produce useful life tools

Afrakan Conscious:
A term for contemporary culture, style and trends that reflect individual or group awareness of the continuance and influence of Afraka.

The scientific study of the modalities of ancient and contemporary social structures of Afrakan people. It defines the influence, or lack thereof, of social institutions and personal factors on identity.

Any belief, action or system which denigrates the Afrakan psyche, aesthetic, being or culture.

Pan Afrakanism:
Ideology that expounds a composite Afrakan identity, regardless of geographic location, based on a unifying Afrakan-centered paradigm and agenda.

This is the art and science of nurturing Afrakan people and these demands are intractable. Prepare yourself.